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Choco Kebab Italy in USA

Italian Chocolate Twister is a family business born in the state of Florida, established by Italians entrepreneurs.

The main purpose of Italian Chocolate Twister is to develop a business importing direct from Italy to our clients the machinery needed in Choco Kebab Concept and its Food Kit including chocolate “Cremino Piemontese” in order to cover our costumer’s needs.

As we represents the prestigious Italian company Techfood by Sogabe SRL, we provide Customer Service that includes installing Choco Kebab Concept, Supplying Kit Food products, offering Technical Assistance, Marketing Support and efforts to help to grow your business.

Becoming our Partner

Follow this simple steps to becoming our partner

1. Contact us

Request more information on our website, don’t forget to include your business details and your requirements

2. Get Information

Receive technical specification of our products, prices and on request we can work on a business plan for you

3. We visit you

Schedule an appointment with our sales reps, they will answer your questions and show you Choco Kebab live.

4. We install Choco Kebab Concept for you

Receive your first order and be ready to start enjoying all benefits Choco Kebab will provide to your business


Our concept can be placed indoor and outdoor in just 10 sq. ft. with our Corner Jr & Streety solutions


However, the crepe style is not the only dessert offered. Choco Kebab provides its clients a wider range of options, from a pinch of Cremino’s chocolate for a Mocha Coffee, a Gelato with fruits to the most sophisticated and elaborated preparation on a Choco Pita combined with fruits. The product reflects the perfect balance between tradition and innovation, which has pleased the taste of many around the world.

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