Italian Chocolate Twister - The Eatalian Twist | Chocokebab 1
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ChocoKebab® Italy is the new mouthwatering concept that its sweeping Americas’ palate!

Amaze your costumers with the new Italian sensation. ChocoKebab Italy is a crepe style dessert, made on the spot, in just 20 seconds. It all starts with a 22 lb cylinder of the Cremino Piemontese Chocolate imported from Italy, then shaved and served on the Choco Pita, a dessert dough that is made with a special mix that was designed to be filled with fruits, ice cream, whipped cream, flakes of chocolate and any other toppings you fancy.

This traditional Cremino Piemontese chocolate recipe, presented in a fun and exciting way, will draw your costumers attention, amaze them and keep them coming back for more. The rotating chocolate cylinder will entice them to try this exquisite dessert. Due to its convenient dimensions, the ChocoKebab Italy equipment can be placed almost anywhere.


is a combination of two

specialty foods

Cremino Piemontese Chocolate

Holds a Cremino Piemontese Chocolate cylinder
that rotatesin a refrigerated container.
The chocolate inside is kept atthe perfect
temperature to maintain its freshness and consistency.

Choco Pita

The ChocoPita® machine is an innovative griddle
used to make perfect crepe-like pancakes,used to
serve the Chocolate Kebab.


its perfect for most locations

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