Italian Chocolate Twister - The Eatalian Twist | Chocokebab 2
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ChocoKebab® Italy can be served in many ways in all kinds of settings. This concept will help your business grow by offering an innovative and unique dessert that will keep your costumers coming back for more. Our product can be integrated into an existing shop, set it up in one of our custom mobile food carts or any other location. Our one-of-a-kind carts are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It can easily be placed in malls, stadiums, universities, food courts or anywhere you may see a business opportunity.

Our goal is to help other business owners and entrepreneurs get involved in this sweet business opportunity by providing a way to differentiate with this unique concept. We provide the equipment and ingredients needed to create this unique delicacy imported straight from Italy. Italian Chocolate Twister will also provide installation support, technical assistance and will help your business get noticed when people are searching for ChocoKebab Italy locations around America, Canada and Latin America.

Find out about the eligibility to have ChocoKebab Italy in your business by contacting us. Enjoy the exclusive advantages of joining the ChocoKebab Italy Club and start delighting everyone around you!



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