Choco Pizza


Choco Pizza is designed for bars and street food corners that want to increase incomes with a new, curious and delicious product. It can be combined with other Techfood solutions for the sale of chocolate, such as Choco Burger and Choco Kebab, to offer a complete experience and diversify the proposal from competing businesses with distinctive products.



The waffle wafer, already divided into 6 triangular slices, facilitates the sharing of Choco Pizza and takeaway consumption. Therefore, it is the ideal solution for businesses with few covers which aim to increase incomes with a different offer than usual.

Choco Pizza is prepared with a dedicated plate coated with Teflon Longlife, a self-cleaning and non-stick material that guarantees high performance over time. The machine is combined with our food mix and toppings to fill the waffle as desired.


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