Give your customers a new twist on their dessert, with a Chocolate Burger. It is made up of a sweet brioche style bun which is light and fluffy wrapped around a delicious Chocolate Burger. Add Cream, sauce, nuts, fruits and more to make your Choco Burger unique and top it off with powdered sugar for a great looking tasty burger!



There are 4 flavours of Chocolate Burgers, which are:
“Bacio” Dark Chocolate and Hazelnuts
Dark Chocolate and Amaretto (Non-Alcoholic)
White Chocolate and Biscuits
Milk Chocolate and Candied Orange
The Buns themselves are created from a mix and cooked in the Choco Bun Machine. They were created and patented using a recipe from the Italian traditional: Il Panettone. This package includes 60KG which can make up to 720 buns.
The 720 Burgers (240 of each Flavour) are stored in the Choco Burger Display Stand, which rotates slowly to display all of you delicious flavours.
And if the smell and look of the Choco Burgers aren’t enough to catch your potential customers eyes, there is also an A-frame included in the pack to promote your Choco Burger in or outside your establishment.
The Choco Burger is perfect for Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Hotels, Street Stools, Beach Resorts and anywhere with high foot fall!


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