Rondò Unika


Rondò Unika is ideal for those who want to propose various and diversemenu in a small space. Rondò Unika is suitable for pizzerias, bars, bakeries, fast food and many other types of operators.



Rondò Unika is the only true multi-function interchangeable plate that fits inpreparations to be able to offer at all hours of the day.
Rondò Unika can cook: Pancakes, Waffles, Churro, Donuts, cones, waffles, piade, omelettes, pancakes, tortillas and much more. Just change plate with a simple click. Easy-click is a patented system that allows you to replace the hot-plates, in a matter of seconds, thus optimizing the use of the plate and havethe opportunity to earn at all times of the day, from breakfast.
Rondò Unika also allows us to build a varied menú to suit all types of palatesand the most demanding customers. The easy use of the plate is further consolidated thanks to powder preparations, which require only the addition of water.
The food machine does not require a Hood and does not emit fumes and odors thanks to the plates coated with a specific formula Teflon Longlife.


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