Bubble Waffle


Bubble Waffle is the ideal solution for all the premises that want to impress their customers with a classic product, but proposed in a variant: the waffle with bubbles. Thanks to the non-stick and self-cleaning tephlon plate, you can serve in a few moments a bubble waffle in both salty and sweet versions. Unleash your creativity and impress your customers with a new idea by multiplying the sales opportunities for your club.




The Bubble Waffle is typical of international street food, Bubble Waffle has finally arrived in Italy to conquer the palates in search of novelty. The waffle with bubbles can be served in different variations, sweet or savory, and stuffed to taste. The equipment consists of a self-cleaning and non-stick plate, accessories for the preparation and the food mix of our production.

A table machine with an attractive design that can prepare an exclusive proposal on demand with a low food cost and high margins. Techfood equipment does not require a suction hood or filtering systems. For this reason they are easy to place in any area of ​​your room. The Bubble Waffle machine is very simple to use. Simply separate the two non-stick teflon plates, add the food preparation and close the top plate. When the timer rings, you can take out Bubble Waffle and garnish it with everything your creativity suggests.



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