Rondò 30


Rondò is ideal for ice cream parlors, pubs, breweries, bars and all the localswho want to offer a sweet or savory menu suitable for any time of day, from breakfast supper.



Rondò is the machine for crepes professional who can prepare, cook and garnish fragrant crepes, sweet or savory, in just 30 seconds. Extremely simpleto use, just lower the upper plate and cook the mixture from both sides. Rondò was born for the crepes, it is also excellent for tortillas, pita, tortillas, durum, omelettes and buns. The machine food Rondò, stainless steel AISI 304with digital timer audible and visual, is equipped with a cooking plateLONGLIFE Teflon non-stick, anti-smoking and self-cleaning, it requires no hoodbecause it does not produce smoke ‘odors and prevents the heat fromdamaging the work plan favoring a better cleaning.


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